Artificial Intelligence Aids Tax Management – Artificial Intelligence Aids Tax Management , Artificial intelligence (AI) technology plays a role in optimizing tax planning. Zeyd, a tax practitioner from Provisio Consulting Firm, talked about AI that can help in analyzing data quickly and deeply.

This function is needed in analyzing volume and identifying opportunities for tax savings. Meanwhile, in terms of compliance risk control, according to him, the sophistication of AI can be utilized in providing early warnings related to tax violations or potential legal problems. However, he emphasized that AI is only limited to helping human work that has been done by humans manually.

“In principle, the concept of AI helps and does not replace work,” said Zeyd in the Fiscal Career Week activity at the Auditorium Room of the Faculty of Fiscal Administration at the University of Indonesia organized by the Fiscal Administration Science Study Group (Kostaf) FIA UI, Friday (8/09/2023).

He gave an example of a platform that shows the role of AI in optimizing tax planning such as Aibidia. The AI platform is a pioneer that allows multinational companies to handle various transfer issues through AI-driven, data-centric, and automation transfer pricing management companies. The FCW series of activities also featured Dikdik Suwardi, who is the Tax Compliance Manager of PT Pertamina (Persero) as a resource person at the Tuesday session (12/09/2023).

Artificial Intelligence Aids Tax Management
Artificial Intelligence Aids Tax Management

Dikdik discussed the handling of tax disputes as an integral part of the tax management business process. According to him, tax dispute is a crucial part of tax management in corporations because it has a significant financial impact.

“The use of digitalization, especially the use of big data in managing tax disputes, is very important, because the aspect of strengthening data is actually the most difficult,” explained Dikdik.

He views FCW activities as very good to provide a more realistic picture for students majoring in fiscal administration before stepping into the world of work. This activity is also the most important part of tax education while supporting the Directorate General of Taxes’ tax socialization program.

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The same thing was conveyed by the Chairperson of the FIA UI Fiscal Administration Department, Inayati in her speech. She hopes that this activity can provide additional knowledge and competencies that are useful as provisions for students in the future. Regarding the selection of the AI theme in this year’s FCW activity, Dzakwan Poetra Dewanto as Board of Director of Kostaf FIA UI People and Culture Division stated that he wanted to disseminate to students about the role of AI in helping work, especially in the field of taxation. According to him, the emergence of AI today is also a milestone in the field of technology and science, including taxation.

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