Banten Government Launches TeBaSS – Appreciating Taxpayers, Banten Provincial Government Launches TeBaSS , The Banten Provincial Government through Acting Banten Governor Al Muktabar officially launched the product website of the Banten Provincial Samsat Supervisory Team, TeBaSS or Tenant Banten Samsat Satu. This site is a tribute to taxpayers who have paid their motor vehicle tax in the form of discounts from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are members of TeBaSS partners.

According to him, tax dissemination activities are one of the efforts made by the Banten Provincial Government in building awareness of taxpayers to be able to fulfill their obligations in paying taxes.

“What is fundamental at this moment is the linkage of our awareness in paying taxes, because from paying taxes we contribute to financing development, both regional and national development,” he said in the Tax Dissemination activity organized by the Banten Provincial Revenue Agency (Bapenda) and the Banten Provincial Samsat Supervisory Team together with the Indonesia Automotive Society (IAS) Banten Province, quoted on Tuesday (12/09).

He added that one of the sources of development that must continue to be intensified is the regional tax and levy sector.

“This tax is from the community, for the community and by the community. Because the tax proceeds will later be rolled out in financing development,” he added.

Furthermore, Al Muktabar said that taxpayers are development heroes, this is because tax is one of the instruments to continue the struggle of the nation’s previous fighters in development.

“By paying taxes for development makes us more optimistic about future achievements. We know that we will achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045, among others, with financing sources derived from taxes,” he added.

Banten Government Launches TeBaSS
Banten Government Launches TeBaSS

Meanwhile, Acting Head of Banten Province Bapenda Deni Hermawan said, the regional tax dissemination activity aims to increase public awareness in paying taxes, especially taxes that are authorized in Banten Province.

“So, we hope that in accordance with what is carried out by the Samsat Supervisory Team to harmonize how revenue in Banten Province can increase and provide maximum services for taxpayers,” he said.

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On the same occasion, Head of SW and Public Relations of Banten Branch of Jasa Raharja Romy Agus Widjaja explained that the purpose of launching the TeBaSS website was to give appreciation to taxpayers in Banten Province who have been disciplined in paying taxes.

“We cooperate with local MSMEs in Banten Province to join and they provide discounts with their capabilities for taxpayers who have been disciplined in paying taxes. So, we give appreciation in the form of promos and discounts by each SME tenant,” Romy concluded.

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