Batang Ready to Close Unlicensed Drill Wells – Batang Regency Government Ready to Close Unlicensed Drill Wells , The Batang Regency Government (Pemkab) said that the Regional Original Revenue (PAD) in the Underground Water (ABT) utilization tax sector from a number of companies that entered the Batang Regency Financial, Revenue and Asset Management Agency (BPKPAD) until now has only reached 59 percent of the target of Rp 1 billion. In fact, the Batang Regency Government believes that this sector has a lot of potential to gain PAD in the region as an effort to support the pace of regional development.

Seeing this, Acting Batang Regent Lani Dwi Rejeki regrets that there are people who illegally sell ABT to a number of companies. Therefore, his party will conduct a regulatory study related to the utilization of ABT in the region.

“We will review the regulations on the utilization of ABT or boreholes. If the regulation does not allow it, we will be firm,” he said in an official statement, quoted by Tax Magazine on Friday (15/09).

Furthermore, he also explained that Sendang Kamulyan Batang Regional Drinking Water Company (PUDAM) is capable and ready to supply clean water for the company’s needs.

“We will inventory all companies that do not use PUDAM Sendang Kamulyan water. If the company uses unlicensed boreholes and violates regulations, we will prohibit it and divert it to Sendang Kamulyan PUDAM,” added Regent Lani.

Meanwhile, Head of PAD Billing, Evaluation, and Reporting, BPKPAD Batang Anisah said that taxpayers in the Batang area had decreased in 2023. Where previously there were 32 companies, while this year it was reduced to 31 companies.

Batang Ready to Close Unlicensed Drill Wells
Batang Ready to Close Unlicensed Drill Wells

According to her, the largest source of regional income from ABT taxpayers who have two boreholes in one of the companies this year has closed. Until now, he does not know where the company uses water from.

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“This year’s ABT Tax target is Rp 1 billion, the realization has only reached 59 percent,” said Anisah.

Not only that, Anisah also explained that the target of Rp 1 billion this year refers to last year’s realization which reached 104 percent. However, if the third quarter of 2023 is not achieved, BPKPAD will propose a target change in the revised budget.

“In the 2023 revised Regional Budget (APBD), we will propose a target change. Because many licensed boreholes in several companies are closed,” concluded Anisah.

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