Encouraging Taxpayer ComplianceEncouraging Taxpayer ComplianceEncouraging Taxpayer Compliance

epajak.or.id – Encouraging Taxpayer Compliance, Acting Mayor of Palangka Raya Hera Nugrahayu revealed that the Palangka Raya City Government through the Regional Tax and Retribution Management Agency (BPPRD) continues to encourage the community and taxpayers, both individuals and business entities, to pay taxes. One of the efforts made to increase tax compliance is to hold an Aware Movement to Pay Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax or Gebyar PBB-P2.

According to him, Gebyar PBB-P2 is conducted to motivate taxpayers to always be obedient and timely in paying taxes.

“Public awareness to always pay taxes must continue to be encouraged. It is good that so far there has been an increase in awareness,” he said when giving a speech at the prize draw in the PBB-P2 Gebyar Year 2023, at the Pahandut Sub-district Office Hall, Palagka Raya,

He added that his party expressed its gratitude and highest positive appreciation to all the people of Palangka Raya City who have carried out their obligations by paying Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) before it is due.

“Thank you to the community and all parties who have participated in paying taxes, in order to support the development of Palangka Raya City,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Head of BPPRD Kota Palangka Raya Emi Abriyani said that the reward for taxpayers is not only for PBB-P2, but also for entertainment businesses, restaurants and eateries.

Encouraging Taxpayer Compliance
Encouraging Taxpayer Compliance

In this event, appreciation was also given to tax-obedient taxpayers, such as Wong Solo Restaurant, Ayam Penyet Surabaya Restaurant, Family Resto 3, Aroma Resto 2, and Samba Restaurant. While the entertainment tax was given to Senayan Lounge, and Lacupole 99 Karaoke and hotel tax, namely Wisma Graha Kanata, Wisma Greeny, Barak Yos Sudarso, Wisma Devine Grace II, and Wisma Amanda.

Meanwhile, the PBB-P2 Gebyar was attended by a number of heads of regional apparatus within the Palangka Raya City Government, sub-district heads, village heads, and the community as taxpayers.

For information, in this year’s PBB-P2 Gebyar, the Palangka Raya City Government provided 58 prizes. Which consists of 2 motorcycles, 4 units of refrigerator, 5 units of washing machine, 4 units of bicycle, 5 units of television, 10 units of rice cooker, 9 units of fan, 5 units of gas stove, 6 units of dispenser, and 8 units of iron.

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