Fictitious Tax Invoice – Jakarta , Fictitious Tax Invoice , Some time ago, investigators from the Regional Office (Kanwil) of DGT South Jakarta (Jaksel) I handed over responsibility for suspect AY and evidence (phase 2) to the District Attorney (Kejari) of Jaksel. In addition to the handover of the suspect, investigators also handed over confiscated assets from the suspect worth billions of rupiah consisting of 2 land and building assets in the Bogor area, 1 Alphard car, 1 Honda Jazz car, 1 motorcycle and hundreds of millions of rupiah in cash for the recovery of losses to the State revenue.

Head of the Jaksel Counseling, Service and Public Relations (P2Humas) Division I Bayu Kaniskha revealed that suspect AY is one of the intellectual daders in a series of fictitious tax invoice issuance network cases, where other perpetrators have been sentenced.

According to him, AY is threatened with a maximum imprisonment of six years for committing a tax crime in the form of deliberately issuing and / or using tax invoices that are not based on actual transactions or deliberately submitting tax returns and / or information whose contents are untrue or incomplete through taxpayer PT EIB in the period 2020 to 2021, so he is suspected of violating Article 39A letter a or Article 39 paragraph (1) letter d jo. Article 43 paragraph (1) of the KUP Law.

“The loss to state revenue arising from the actions of Suspect AY through PT EIB is at least IDR 110,723,045,700,” he said in a written statement, quoted by Tax Magazine on Thursday (07/09).

He added that during the investigation process, the suspect had been given the opportunity to carry out the ultimum remedium by paying off the principal amount of underpaid tax plus administrative sanctions in accordance with the provisions of tax legislation, but the opportunity was not utilized by suspect AY.

Fictitious Tax Invoice
Fictitious Tax Invoice

“Previously, the suspect had also been detained at the Metro Jaya Police Detention Center since July 6, 2023 until August 30, 2023, because during the investigation the suspect was not cooperative and there was concern that he would escape and lose evidence,” he added.

Furthermore, Bayu said that the series of further investigations related to this case in collaboration with investigators from other DGT Regional Offices, as well as other law enforcement officials are still ongoing.

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Not only that, investigators from the Jaksel I DGT Regional Office have also committed to completely cutting down the TBTS invoice issuer network in their working area in order to provide a deterrent effect to perpetrators of tax crimes.

“The Jaksel I DGT Regional Office also hopes that this investigation activity will be able to increase collaboration and synergy between law enforcement officials in eradicating tax crimes, as well as educating taxpayers to be aware and obedient in carrying out their tax obligations,” concluded Bayu.

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