AKP2I Encourages Tax Consultant Compliance and Integrity

epajak.or.id – AKP2I Encourages Tax Consultant Compliance and Integrity, Commemorating its 8th Anniversary, the Indonesian Public Tax Consultants Association (AKP2I) continues to commit and encourage taxpayers to improve compliance, while enhancing the association’s integrity as a trusted partner of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT).

AKP2I Chairman Suherman Saleh revealed that at the age of 8, AKP2I always maintains integrity because it is always guided by laws and regulations, and complies with the established code of ethics. He also explained that there are three main reasons for maintaining the integrity of the association. First, AKP2I members consider the glory of being a tax consultant is the main thing. Second, AKP2I members are always reminded not to be greedy.

Third, AKP2I members are always reminded that the tax consultant profession is not merely about making money.

“Thus, it is prohibited not to help or even underestimate the taxpayer on the grounds that the taxpayer’s turnover is small and MSME. On the other hand, tax consultants should also honor taxpayers and tax officers,” he told Tax Magazine at the 8th AKP2I Anniversary celebration in Parapat, North Sumatra on Thursday (21/09).

He added that the AKP2I anniversary celebration can also be used as a moment to increase dedication and more taxpayers are helped through the association. On the other hand, this moment can also ignite the professional spirit of the members to be even better in the future.

“Not only that, maintaining discipline, ethics must still be fulfilled by every tax consultant, especially for AKP2I members,” he added.

Therefore, he hopes that in the future AKP2I can continue to be a bigger organization.

AKP2I Encourages Tax Consultant Compliance and Integrity
AKP2I Encourages Tax Consultant Compliance and Integrity

“The big size consists of improving quality, having its own building, being able to increase the number of tax consultants, continuing to provide excellent service to taxpayers, and maintaining good relations with various stakeholders in order to become a trusted tax consultant for the DGT,” he added.

Opening the event, Head of the Center for Financial Professional Development (PPPK) of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) Erawati said that the government continues to improve various services in an effort to make it easier for taxpayers to fulfill their tax rights and obligations. In the context of tax education, the government needs support from various parties to reach all taxpayers. Therefore, the presence of intermediaries is needed in providing tax education and helping taxpayers carry out their tax obligations, in this case tax consultants.

“We appreciate tax consultants including AKP2I who always become government partners in order to increase taxpayers’ voluntary compliance,” he said.

In addition, he said that the PPPK as the current tax consultant regulator, carries the strengthening of the role of tax intermediaries as one of the initiatives in the institutional transformation at the Ministry of Finance. The initiative is expected to provide opportunities for tax consultants to play a greater role in the economy through the development of a more ideal ecosystem.

“In addition to developing the members, AKP2I itself can develop into an agile organization that can change direction quickly, precisely and without losing balance,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the AKP2I North Sumatra Regional Board (PD) Saragi Simarmata explained that the election of North Sumatra to host the 8th AKP2I Anniversary celebration was an honor and pride for the members in it. So, all PDs and Branch Managers (PC) of AKP2I North Sumatra worked together and communicated intensively to make the event a success.

“We also do intense communication because we believe that nothing can run without good communication. I attended almost all PCs to provide support. In fact, to maintain synergy among PD and PC AKP2I members, they often conduct roadshows out of town which are carried out every time after filling the Annual Tax Return,” he explained.

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He also emphasized that the role of tax consultants is very important in order to provide education and understanding of taxation to taxpayers. He hopes that AKP2I can be a solution and assist the DGT in providing education to taxpayers to be more aware of the tax regulations that apply in Indonesia. In fact, Saragi hopes that the next AKP2I Anniversary celebration would be better if it is held in a distant place, such as Papua.

“In the future, it is hoped that the 9th AKP2I Anniversary celebration can be held in Papua or a more distant area. So that we can give appreciation, encourage, and motivate them as well as signaling AKP2I is present for all members spread throughout Indonesia,” said Saragi.

Reporting on the activities of the 8th AKP2I Anniversary celebration, Chairman of the 8th AKP2I Anniversary Committee Julius Raja said that his party chose Parapat City as the venue for the AKP2I Anniversary celebration because the city has a natural wonder, namely Lake Toba which is a tecto-v lake.

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